I Am a
Commercial Pilot License Holder

over 220hrs of experience.

About Me

Safety-oriented commercial pilot with over 4 years of experience with medium-haul and bush flying having traversed most national parks in Kenya. I have done elephant and rhino census, while also mapping of park borders. I also participated in helping ground teams spot the Tsavo fires of 2020 our input being very important during the tragedy.

Aircraft rated

Cessna 152

Cessna 172

Cessna 206


Michael Nicholson

Deputy Director KWS Airwing , Kenya Wildlife Service

I can confidently attest to their exceptional skills and professionalism in the cockpit. He consistently demonstrates a thorough understanding of aviation regulations and procedures, coupled with a keen ability to make sound decisions even in high-pressure situations. His dedication to safety is exemplary, and he sets a standard of excellence for the entire team

Karuiki Muigai

Chief Pilot , FTC

Having worked closely with Captain Chepkonga for 4 years, I can confidently say that he is one of the finest pilots I have had the pleasure of supervising. His dedication to safety, meticulous attention to detail, and exceptional flying skills make him a true asset to our organization. Chepkonga’s consistently goes above and beyond expectations, and his contributions have played a significant role in the success of our aviation operations

Derrick Wangari

Chief Pilot , Kenya Forest Service

Chepkonga has been an invaluable asset to our organization, consistently exceeding expectations with his performance as a pilot. He approaches every flight with precision and attention to detail, ensuring the safety and comfort of our passengers without compromise. His leadership skills and ability to effectively communicate with both crew members and ground staff make him a trusted leader in our aviation team

Joseph Koech

Manager Air Transport , KCAA

Captain Chepkonga is a pilot of exceptional caliber, whose is committed to excellence. He consistently delivers outstanding performance in all aspects of his role, from flight planning and execution to passenger interaction and safety procedures. His ability to remain composed and focused in challenging situations is a testament to his experience and expertise as a pilot.